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Tours Outside Rio

See More of Brazil with a Tour Outside Rio

As marvellous as Rio de Janeiro is, there are also wonderful places worth visiting just outside of the city. Escape to Paraty or take a day trip to the tropical paradises of Petropolis, Buzios and Ilha Grande. Explore Rio de Janeiro's surroundings with Rdj4u's Tours Outside Rio!

  1. Take a break from city travel and head to Angra dos Reis for a schooner cruise around some of the most intoxicatingly beautiful tropical islands in the world. Book now.

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  2. Relax and unwind with a day tour to the picturesque coastal town of Buzios a place of golden white sands and glistening turquoise blue Atlantic waters. Paradise on earth.

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  3. US$51
    Tour-de-un-día-a-Petrópolis Sale

    Book this full day tour and travel into the mountains surrounding the city of Rio de Janeiro and discover the picturesque Imperial city of Petrópolis. A unique destination that travellers shouldn’t miss on their vacation in Rio de Janeiro.

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  4. US$84
    Boat Tour to Arraial do Cabo Sale

    Grab your camera and bathing suit and enjoy a boat tour to the idyllic Arraial do Cabo. Sightsee dazzling attractions like Lighthouse Island and the Blue Grotto, and enjoy the clear blue water.

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  5. Planning on travelling to Rio de Janeiro’s beachside paradise Buzios? Book a convenient and hassle-free private transfer service from Rio to Buzios.

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  6. Planning on visiting Angra dos Reis or Ilha Grande on the beautiful coastline in the province of Rio de Janeiro? Book a convenient and hassle-free private transfer service from Rio to Angra dos Reis.

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  7. Paraty is a paradise of beaches and sparkling waters. Its interior holds one of the most important treasures of Brazil: the neotropical forest. Book a Waterfalls Jeep Tour now and get acquainted with the ample biodiversity of Rio de Janeiro’s surrounding areas.

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  8. Travel deep into the layers of history at the hands of specialised guides who will take you to the centre of Brazil’s culture through a Paraty City Tour. Book now and come to know the splendour of Rio de Janeiro’s surroundings!

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  9. Climb aboard a traditional boat with this Boat Tour in Paraty, for a unique experience in one of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet. Book a boat cruise to the paradise islands and beaches of Paraty and enjoy the best tropical landscapes in Brazil!

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  10. Book this Tour to Trindade Cove online now to visit the paradise where pirates once roamed the Atlantic coast of Brazil. The golden scenery and tranquillity of the turquoise beaches around Paraty will steal your imagination!

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  11. To find a deserted beach, protected by tropical forests, where a community of fisherman receive you as a guest, is a rare thing indeed. Now you can visit one of the few places where this is possible with a hike to Sono Beach. Book this Paraty tour for a day of tranquillity and serenity!

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  12. Caiçara is the name given to the present inhabitants of Brazil’s Atlantic coast. This Caiçara Cultural Tour is an opportunity to get to know the network of islands, beaches, jungles and villages that make up this way of life.

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