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If you visit Rio during Carnival time, you simply can't miss the most famous Carnival party in the world. Experience the iconic samba school parades in the Sambadrome, an event that is highly anticipated in Rio. Book your Rio de Janeiro Carnival parade tickets with Rdj4u, and ensure you get good seats, with transport included, so that the only thing you need to do is enjoy the electric atmosphere and spectacular samba. Whether you see the Serie A parade, or the incredible Special Group compete, or wait to see the winner's during the Champion's Parade, it's sure to be one of your most unforgettable nights in South America!

  1. Immerse yourself in Rio de Janeiro’s famed party atmosphere and join a carnival rehearsal at one of the city’s most illustrious samba schools. Break out your dancing shoes. Book now.

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  2. Be part of the biggest carnival party in the world! These Rio Sambódromo Carnival tickets give you a chance to witness the Serie A samba schools (Rio's smaller, but still incredible, samba schools) compete in the spectacular samba parade.

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  3. US$370
    Paquete de Carnaval Sale

    This Carnival Package in Rio de Janeiro includes: Carnival Parade Tickets & Transport + Samba Class & Night Out + Highlights of Rio Private Tour. Discover the magic of samba and the joy of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro with this fantastic holiday package.

    Regular Price: US$370

    Special Price US$324

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  4. Let yourself be enveloped by the magic of Rio de Janeiro with the Carnival Experience in the Wonderful City. Book online and discover the details of one of the biggest parties in South America.

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  5. Live one of the most incredible nights of your life with this Rio Carnival Experience in VIP Suite. Get delighted with some of the most important carnivals in the world. Book now!

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  6. US$388
    Desfile-de-Carnaval-Grupo-Especial Sale

    Be part of the biggest carnival party in the world! These Rio Sambadrome Carnival tickets provide you with with an opportunity to be blown away by the incredible Samba Parade by Rio's Special Group Samba Schools (the very best samba schools in the city).

    Regular Price: US$388

    Special Price US$336

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  7. Book your tickets to the exclusive Champion’s Parade at the Rio de Janeiro Carnival! Be part of the biggest carnival party in the world! Enjoy the electrifiying atmosphere of the Sambadrome from the grandstands as you watch the winning samba schools do their victory parade!

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  8. An incredible once in a lifetime opportunity to be a part of the main samba parades at the Rio Carnival. Get your very own carnival costume and parade at the Sambodromo as part of a top Rio samba school! The most memorable and exciting way to live the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro!

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